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Every year we spend more and more money and time looking after our Cyber stuff: subscriptions to online entertainment, sports, and news; Internet and phone plans; myriad other services we find online.

And every cyber service is a potential point of entry for crooks trying to extort money and steal identity from us.

Take Control of your cyber costs, risks, and time!

Use the CyberServices “wBook” to capture the cost and status of subscriptions and other cyber services. And much more if you want. Skim the companion “eBook” PDF to see how.

Buy the "weBook" package here and download the ZIP file which contains an Excel workbook & PDF documentation. Use as little or as much as you want, depending on your appetite and situation.

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In addition to tracking costs and status, you can optionally classify services for analysis, track renewals, and even note what should be done with them when you’re “getting your affairs in order”. This list identifies some of your on-line cyber exposure "attack surface" that crooks probe for millions of times per day, and can be a starting point for identifying services to cancel, in order to reduce cost, risk, and time wasters.

Also, optionally, keep a list of your funding accounts (credit, debit, bank, Crypto wallet) and payment service account (Paypal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, etc.), and which ones you use for each service. In one place you can see the impact of lost, stolen or expired cards, and cancelled payment accounts.

Capture date-stamped notes if you want to track service and account changes over time. Keep a single list of services for individuals, family members, and even home business, and allocate costs as needed.

Like all ITE “wBooks”, it’s a Microsoft Excel workbook which you can modify and extend any way you wish to support your needs. It’s a pure Excel .xlsx file (no macros or other internal coding) so it can’t harbor “macro-malware” and it doesn’t need programming skills to modify.

You save it on your own systems but there's no new software from us to install. And you don’t need to register an account with us, worry about the security of our online systems, or pay subscription or maintenance fees.

You'll need a Mac or a PC and a copy of Microsoft Excel that's less than 10 years old. Click here for even more about weBooks.

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You can download the ZIP up to 5 times using the link provided, and may automatically receive additional download links by eMail if we update the weBook.

The entire process is securely handled by Shopify, a world-class eCommerce company. This includes the "Buy Now" button that appears below, the payment process, and downloads. IT Essence has no access to your financial details.

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  1. Use the Buy Now button to pay, then download and save the weBook ZIP file to your computer using the link provided in the order confirmation and/or the eMail.

  2. Optionally, confirm the download is virus-free. We take care to ensure the ZIP file is safe and contains no malware. However, as a standard best practice, we recommend that you always use your antivirus program (and/or VirusTotal) to double-check that no malware is included in any files downloaded from the Internet before you open them.

  3. On Windows, use File Explorer to move the ZIP file from your download folder to a new or existing folder for the weBook. Select the ZIP file to open the "Extract - Compressed Folder Tools" menu that magically appears at the top of the Explorer window. Click "Extract All" to select a destination folder and then click "Extract" to extract the weBook files to your selected working folder.

  4. On Macs, use Finder to move the ZIP file from the Downloads folder to a new or existing folder for the weBook. Double-click the ZIP archive file to automatically create a sub-folder that contains all the extracted weBook files.

  5. Open the eBook by double-clicking the "CyberServices.pdf" file that was extracted. This will automatically use whatever reader program your computer is configured to open PDF files with, and could include your browser, Adobe Acrobat, or another built-in PDF reader program such as Preview on the Mac. If nothing opens, download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program and try again.

  6. Open the eBook Table of Contents by clicking the icon at the top left of the reader window, and click on - Getting Started!

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