The Internet of Us

This is about the IOUs of the IoU. About the Internet of Us and the  debt that we're all building as we cavort in Cyberspace.  

Some of us don't like to waste money,  and some of us don't have money to waste. And some of us have money to waste, and do, and don't care much. 

But most of  us don't have a lot  of time to waste.  

And non of us want online crooks to steal what we do have  - especially the care-less money wasters, who probably have more worth stealing and can make juicy targets for that Cyber Scum.

As we spend more and more time online we're building a triple IOU with the Internet. We owe more and more:

This site is about some of the things that the Internet of Us can do to help tame that other IOU.

The Program

We consumers are struggling with the triple threat of our CyberStuff: Costs, Security, and Wasted Time. And we urgently need solutions.  The CyberMe Program is an evolving, actionable solution for families and home businesses that can start to make a difference. 

The three components of the program are:

The Model

The Tools

The weBooks

Available now 

Coming Soon ...

Behind the Scenes here ...

Behind the scenes we are developing a "Simple Cyber Security Framework" - our SCSF.  This identifies some of the cyber threats to home-based cyber tech that we describe in our evolving model, and some ways to mitigate those threats. Because this SCSF is based on an integrated "reference" architecture that we implement ourselves, we can ensure  the threat mitigation products work well together and we can suggest how to deal with the inevitable overlap in their functionality. And unlike government publications, we make a specific, "best-of-breed" product recommendation for each mitigation where appropriate.

The framework isn't just the rambling of some random IT person - it has some rigor behind it. The ITE SCSF is based on key concepts from best practices such as the US NIST CyberSecurity Framework for critical infrastructure, CyberSecure Canada, the Canadian  Get CyberSafe program, and the UK National Cyber Security Centre recommendations for small businesses and individuals.  Behind the scenes we map our recommendations to these frameworks and to the MITRE  ATT&CK knowledgebase. And it's re-cast for individuals, families, and small businesses in a home setting, rather than IT staff managing critical infrastructure and corporate assets.

Examples: Cyber Services and Apps&Things weBooks ... click here... 

The Cyber Services and Apps & Things weBooks cover an important early step of any Cyber security plan - make a list of all your Cyber stuff ...

...  so you know the "attack surface" that the bad guys are targeting. 

And in these busy, inflationary times they also provide tools to capture your costs and effort. Then, you can figure out if they are worth the money, risk, and time it takes to look after them. Then get rid of the stuff that doesn't make the cut.

We've made a start, but stay tuned for more  model documentation, product recommendations, and weBooks as the CyberMe program evolves. 

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